After almost 40 years of wandering about the United States I have returned to my home state of Oregon. This blog is about my efforts to revisit old haunts and discover new ones within the state of Oregon. It will feature my photography and whatever interesting facts I can dig up, as well as reviewing the writings of others. In the past I have tried exploring a state county by county in order to put boundaries on my explorations. To some extent I will still be doing that. But, because some counties in Oregon are highly populated and have much to explore not all counties will lend themselves to a single blog entry. For example Jackson, my home county, has no less than 15 population centers. No way can I cover that all in one blog post.  So, while I will do some counties as a single post, I leave the structure open to whatever piques my interest at a given time.  Some days it may be history, some days geography, some days a specific destination. This blog is done for my own education and amusement and as a motivator for getting out and about in Oregon. I am happy to share my discoveries with anyone who is interested. Just know that I am motivated by curiosity, not profit.

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