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Exploring Time Lapse

Sunday, April 28th, 2013


Click on the word clouds to play the video.  Then click again on the word clouds in the new window that opens.


This week’s “image” is actually a video.  I have to do something with video or 3D for my Photoshop final project and I’ve decided 3D isn’t my thing so that left video.  This seemed like the ideal time to learn about time lapse photography.  Now that I’ve figured it out it seems embarrassingly simple.  The key is having an intervalometer to trigger the shutter at exact time intervals.  Then I resized and reformatted the images using Photoshop’s batch processing feature.  Finally, I just had to open the series of images and Photoshop automatically made it into a video.  That simple.  I added a title and music just to prove I could.  The biggest challenge is planning the timing so you don’t fill up the storage card but still have enough images for more than a few seconds of playback.  Enjoy.