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Mating Dance

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014





A few years ago I learned that when the Sandhill Cranes leave Bosque del Apache they stop off in Colorado’s San Luis Valley for a few weeks and it is there that they do their mating dance.  The dance is said to renew the bonds with lifetime mates or establish new bonds for younger birds or those whose mates have been lost.  I was determined that this year I would finally make the trek north (which is not much further than the trek to the Bosque from Santa Fe) but after several weeks of unsettled weather I decided the window of opportunity was going to be small and ended up just going for the day this past Sunday.  Though the weather was perfect the birds were hanging out quite a ways from the road.  Even with my 100-400mm zoom at it’s fullest extent it was hard to isolate individual birds as can be seen in the before picture above.  And, although there was a lot of jumping around and wing flapping, by the time I got an image framed and focused the birds would have already settled down. So, out of over 300 exposures that day, this is the only one that I felt captured the dance (notice the crane’s feet are fully off the ground and out of the water).   The after picture is an enlarged outtake from the before.  I’m glad I went but if I go again I think I had better look into renting a 600mm lens!

1923 Nash Roadster

Saturday, October 5th, 2013


As I was driving around Colorado last week looking for fall color I kept thinking to myself “you know, I’m really not a landscape photographer.”  And the truth is I had way more fun shooting the old cars at the Pioneer History Museum in Gunnison.  Though I added a lot to my hood ornament collection I really liked the lines and curves in this car front and decided to convert to black and white in order to focus attention there.  Nash, by the way, merged with Hudson in 1954 to form American Motors which was bought out in 1987 by Chysler.

Fall Color Colorado

Saturday, September 28th, 2013


I kicked off the fall color season with a trip to the San Juan Mountains in SW Colorado.  Things were not quite as far along this year as in years past but still plenty of color.  I used to always go the first week of October but found too many bare trees in the high country so I started going the last week of September.  Now I’m thinking September 28 to October 2 must be the best window of opportunity.  For post processing it was just the basics of clarity, vibrance and a little luminence adjustment all in lightroom.  I tried to only add saturation to specific colors in the trees because the sky was already over the top blue.  It was nice to have the added bonus of a little snow from an early season storm.  To see more of my images from this trip go to  Enjoy.