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Day 35 – Grist Mill

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014


Yesterday I was busy preparing a show for my virtual gallery and didn’t get out to shoot anything new.  The show is called “New Mexico Swan Song” and is a collection of images shot at El Rancho de las Golondorinos, a living history museum near Santa Fe.  Honestly, I processed so many images yesterday I don’t remember exactly what I did.  I now there was some cropping.  Looks there there should have been some straightening.  I also ran it through CEP but I think it was mainly detail extraction.  You can see the show at

Grand Canyon

Saturday, May 17th, 2014


I know, I know, if there is one thing the world doesn’t need it is another picture of the Grand Canyon. This one has no sunrise or sunset, no rain shower or rainbow, no dramatic light so it isn’t going to win any prizes.  I know all that.  I think at this point you would have to be artist in residence for at least a year to get a really spectacular and unique picture of the Grand Canyon.  I really didn’t go to the Canyon to photograph this time. I just wanted to see it one more time before (hopefully) leaving the Southwest. Possibly, it will be my last trip to the Canyon as I am realizing that I am not really a landscape photographer, my hiking days are, sadly, behind me, and there are subjects in the Southwest that interest me more.  What I like about this image is that it was processed to really highlight the terrain and I had planned my day to be sure and get to a spot where I could see the river that formed the canyon. In spite of being shot at mid-day I think it captures the essence of the Grand Canyon. And that should be the goal of all photographs, regardless of subject.


Saturday, May 10th, 2014


It was another windy week in Santa Fe and though I tried to photograph some flowers in my yard I didn’t start early enough so had only moderate success in avoiding movement.  In anticipation of a trip to Northern Arizona next week I started reviewing some pictures from a previous trip.  I had also just purchased some grunge textures from French Kiss Textures.  So when I saw this image of a grungy neon sign in Williams, AZ I thought why not try a little grunge on grunge.  First I applied a preset in Topaz detail to sharpen it up, then I added the Grit filter from the Glorious Grunge Collection.  Using a vivid light blending mode really made the colors pop…and maybe even brought in some new ones.  I’m hoping the sign is still there this time as I would like to reshoot it giving myself a little more space to add a nice grungy border!

Mission San Diego de Alcala

Sunday, January 26th, 2014


This week I was busy processing the rest of my images from San Diego.  It was hard to choose one for image of the week because there were many good ones and also because I am planning to post a show next week in my virtual gallery so I was a little hesitant to steal my own thunder by posting the best of the best. I ended up choosing this one for being a somewhat off kilter image of an iconic location.

As I am trying to expand my niche as a travel photographer I have been thinking about how to address the iconic locations.  When I have seen the same view of the same location over and over I find it a little off putting to stand in the well worn footprints of the thousands of photographers who have come before me.  On the other hand I don’t think you can call yourself a travel photographer if you don’t have some shots of the iconic locations in your portfolio.

Since the campanile at the San Diego Mission is usually shot from the front where there is little vegetation nearby I chose to shoot it from the back garden and at an angle to offer something that might not have been seen before.  I also liked the way the bouganvillia and the trees helped to frame the subject though it might be argued that the flowers in the upper left are somewhat distracting.

Star of India

Sunday, January 12th, 2014


Well, I’m in a rush to get out and shooting as my long awaited visit to San Diego is now a reality.  I arrived yesterday and just had time to stroll along the waterfront.  I won’t show the before picture this week but the biggest thing I did to this image was to edit out a submarine to the left of the ship.  Then I took it into Nik Color Efex Pro and added a detail extractor and darken/lighten center filter.  I also cropped for a little better composition.