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Day 69 – Rogue River

Friday, September 5th, 2014


On my way to Crater Lake yesterday I stopped at the Natural Bridge recreation area where I shot this picture of the Rogue River.  This one was a challenge in post processing due to the differential lighting.  I started by adjusting the blue luminence in Lightroom which I have learned can sometimes save a blown out sky.  It worked well in this case. Then I added a layer in photoshop and dodged in the shadow areas to open up the bottom part of the river and its banks. I then took it into Nik CEP where the detail extractor helped to further open up the water and lower river banks.  I added a brilliance warmth filter but toned it down a bit.  Finally a darken/lighten center filter to further open up the river below the small falls.  I tried it with a border but decided against it.  I think this would make a nice gallery wrap.

Day 15 – Cute Baby

Monday, July 14th, 2014


Well, I’m not much of a people photographer but one of the reasons to be home again is to keep up with the great nieces and nephews.  Yesterday was this girl’s big sister’s 4th birthday.  But this one won the cuteness prize.  The amazing thing about this picture is it was shot at 12800 ISO.  I did do some noise reduction and skin softening but how great it is to be able to shoot indoors with the unobtrusive EOS-M and not need a flash!