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Day 100 – Buncom

Monday, October 6th, 2014


And so it comes to a close.  I shot this image at a wide spot in the road called Buncom which really just consists of 3 abandoned buildings. It was kind of grungy because I had to shoot through a dirty window so I thought “Why not take it a little further?” So I added a texture from the French Kiss Glorious Grunge collection.  I think it works with or without.  Tomorrow I will post my favorite image from the project and so thoughts about how it went, lessons learned, etc.

Day 99 – Provolt Store

Sunday, October 5th, 2014


Here’s another one from the Applegate Valley.  I admit I hoped at the time that trip would give me enough images to finish out the project.  The processing challenge on this one was that I wanted to give it a painterly look but I still wanted to be able to read the 7up sign. After narrowing down the options and doing a little tweaking I am pretty happy with the result I got from Topaz Impression.

Day 97 – Barber Pole

Friday, October 3rd, 2014


I haven’t added anything to the Nostalgia collection in awhile so I was excited to come across this barber pole in Jacksonville, Oregon yesterday.  I had to photoshop out some other signs and crop to make it a more generic barber shop.  Then I processed it in CEP and finally took it into Topaz Impression for a Cezanne look.  It was kind of green so I added a warming filter in Photoshop. I’m liking the result. I’m wondering though how it would look in black and white with just the stripes in color?

Day 53 – Mailboxes

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014


It’s been awhile since I’ve seen old school apartment mailboxes like these and I was especially happy to see that they actually had mail in them.  The mailboxes had been painted the same green color as the building so I thought a black and white treatment might be best.  I chose Topaz BW effects for processing and went with the tea green fall off filter which has just a hint of color left in.  I also had to do a little perspective adjustment first in photoshop.  I was on the fence about adding a border but in the end I thought this one would look good printed with some good space between the frame and matte.  Can’t wait to get into my new house so I can go full bore on mastering the fine art of printing!

Day 44 – Smudge Pot with Pears

Monday, August 11th, 2014


I’m surprised at the number of smudge pots still to be found sitting around the orchards though they have not been legal for years.  I remember spring mornings from my childhood when the skies around here would just be black with smoke from the smudging, (i.e. burning oil in these pots to keep the fruit blossoms from freezing).  My brother had a job lighting smudge pots in high school and he would come home covered in black soot.  On this one I used the extreme detail extractor, a brilliance/warmth filter, and a darken lighten center filter.  Then I added an edgy rough border.

Day 37 – Ashland Springs

Monday, August 4th, 2014


I didn’t have anything I could use from yesterday’s small amount of shooting so I had to reach back into the archives.  Guess I need to get out and shoot some more.  This is the facade of the Ashland Springs Hotel, a landmark and the tallest building in town.  I had to adjust the perspective, edit out my reflection in the glass door, cropped a little, maybe not enough on the top.  Then into CEP for detail, warmth and saturation and a center highlight over the door.

Day 26 – Cape Blanco Light

Friday, July 25th, 2014


I finally made it to the coast! Though I have been trying to kick the vertical trend I’ve been on lately, it is hard to avoid when shooting lighthouses.  I just love the simple elegant lines of the Cape Blanco Light.  It sits on the westernmost point in Oregon and is one of the harder lighthouses to get to as it is a few miles off the main highway and I have learned the hard way that the gates are not open early in the morning, limiting access at the best time of day to shoot this landmark.  However, even at mid afternoon it looks pretty good.  I did process for detail and brightened center.  I had it more saturated but decided I preferred a more subtle look.

Day 21 – Fence

Saturday, July 19th, 2014


I’m getting to that point in the project where I am beginning to wonder if this was such a good idea.  I often feel pressured to come up with something and am frustrated because I know it is not my best work.  But I guess that is part of the benefit of a 100 days project because then you have to buckle down and start trying to improve.  Well, I didn’t have time to shoot anything yesterday so I had to go back to last Sunday’s trip to the Applegate.  I had thought to come up with another lavender picture but then I saw this fence post and old building that I shot at the old mining town of Buncum and decided with a little processing I might have something worth sharing.  I like the diagonal lines of the fence post and also the chaos of the fence wires contrasting with the very straight wire on the left.  And it has a little more interest than just a simple shot of old wood and windows on the old building.  Post processing included increased saturation and detail, a little dodging of the grass to tone it down, and some sharpening.

Day 16 – Lavender in Chest

Monday, July 14th, 2014


This weekend was lavender festival all over Oregon.  I took my Mom out to the Applegate Valley where we took in four lavender farms before we got too tired and hungry to continue.  This particular farm had an antique store as well so I managed to capture the best of both worlds.  The minute I saw the raw image I knew it cried out for texturing.  I started by cropping a little to focus on the trunk. I continued by using content aware fill  and clone stamping to eliminate some ugly table legs.  Then I added a smart sharpen and noise reduction filter in Photoshop.  I then took the lavender picture into Nik Color Efex Pro for a detail extractor, brilliance/warmth, and darken/lighten center treatment.  I then selected a texture and reduced it’s saturation some brought it into the lavender picture and resized to fit.  I then experimented with blending modes and opacity.  I masked out the texture over the lavender and chest lid.  I can see now I should have gone a little further with masking on the chest wall but it was going so dark I didn’t like it.  I finished by adding a warming filter which helped to tie everything together.  I’ll give myself a B+ on this one due to the glitch on the masking.  But hey, I’m still new at this texturing stuff.

Day 14 – Retro Lawn Chairs

Saturday, July 12th, 2014


I’ve been eying these chairs in my parents backyard for awhile now.  Actually there was just one when I got here but apparently my brother decided to group them all together for better garden gazing.  I left them just as I found them.  Compositionally, If was going to arrange it I think I would pull the orange ones in a little and maybe snake the hose around in front though it could be argued that the tension of the chairs facing slightly out of the frame is interesting.  In post processing I used a vintage film effects filter to kind of highlight the retro look.