Shrimp Boats


This probably would not have been my choice for image of the week except that it was such a crazy week it was the only thing I had a chance to work on. I was working on purging the files for 2017 and came across these shrimp boats from my North Carolina trip and was inspired to create an art piece using some net pictures and a nautical map for background. Then my Mom was in the hospital and I was standing by to take care of her when she got out and then had to go stay with her for a few days so not much photography got done. I’m not completely happy with this piece but I like the way it is going, I just think it may need more work before it is unleashed.

Day 17 – Lobster Boats


from The Old Lobsterman

He makes for the floats that mark the spots, 
And rises and falls on the sweeping swells, 
Ships oars, and pulls his lobster-pots, 
And tumbles the tangled claws and shells 
In the leaky bottom; and bails his skiff; 
While the slow waves thunder along the cliff, 
And foam far away where sun and mist 
Edge all the region with amethyst. 

-John Townsend Trowbridge

Leaving Maine today we stopped and spent some time in Portland (the other Portland). I really liked these lobster boats but thought they might look better with a painterly treatment.

Day 16 – Sailboat


To reach a port we must set sail –
Sail, not tie at anchor
Sail, not drift.” 

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

We’ve been enjoying “wicked good” weather here on the coast of Maine. This put me in mind of a conclusion I came to while working as a weather forecaster. There really is no such thing as fall or spring weather. It’s just winter and summer duking it out. Summer has certainly been winning but it looks like winter may get in a few good licks soon, at least in terms of cooler temperatures.

Day 15 – Nubble Light


The Lighthouse Keeper Wonders


The light I’ve tended for forty years
is now to be run by a set of gears,
the keeper said, and it isn’t nice
to be put ashore by a mere device.
Now, fair or foul the winds that blow
or smooth or rough the sea below,
It is all the same. The ships at night
will run to an automatic light.
The clock and gear which truly turn
Are timed and set so the light shall burn.
But, did ever an automatic thing
set plants about in early spring?
And did ever a bit of wire and gear
A cry for help in the darkness hear?
Or welcome callers, and show them through
The lighthouse rooms, as I used to do?
“Tis not malice these things I say,
All men must bow to the newer way.
But it’s strange for a lighthouse man like me
After forty years on shore to be.
And I wonder now–will the grass stay green?
Will the brass stay bright and the windows clean?
And will ever that automatic thing
Plant marigolds in early spring?


-Edgar Guest


I was asking myself today if I should post the most autumnal image I shot today or the one I liked the best. I opted for the one I liked the best. Still plenty of time for autumn leaves and such. We made our way into Maine today and there is a little more sign of color though we may have to wait until we get into the mountains of New Hampshire for the real deal. Meanwhile, variety is the spice of life and who doesn’t love a lighthouse? I ran this one through a simplify filter to soften some of the rust and peeling paint.



I still have lots of images to process from my North Carolina trip but I liked this one for its lines and colors. Lots of shrimp boats in the harbors and lots of ways to portray them artistically. Post processing involved opening up the shadows and adding saturation and sharpening.



I stopped by Wrightsville Beach near Wilmington, N.C. yesterday and there were hundreds of surfers in wet suits. Not to many of them were actually getting up but the fellow did pretty well. I was challenged to photograph them as the sun was behind them. Then I thought to get up on the pier and had a great view from there. I added saturation and denoised this one and then sharpened it.



Well, I missed the image of the week altogether last week and I’m running late this week. I guess that means my life is full. Took my Mom to the coast to celebrate her 84th birthday last week. We enjoyed pretty good weather but there was a storm lurking offshore so we also got some pretty good wave action. It took a few tries but I caught this one just at the critical point. Just added some saturation and sharpening in post. I also tried this one in black and white but I liked the color version better.

Birds Taking Flight


I was working on culling the files this week and came across this one from my June trip to the coast that I had processed in Topaz Impression. It just made me go Oh, Wow, I really like that so I thought I would make it the image of the week since I have mostly been working on learning new tricks in Photoshop but do not yet have a lot to show for it.

Sunset with Dog


This is an image I passed by in earlier editing because the sky was overexposed. It finally occurred to me as I sifted through images at the end of the year that I had the correct exposure on another frame without the dog. So, I blended the two images in Photoshop and came up with this beauty.

How did I do that, you may ask. Just open both images in Photoshop. Put the dog image on the bottom and the good sky image on the top. Add a layer mask to the top image. Select the brush tool and paint with black let the dog come through. I used the lines of the ocean and the rocks shadow to get a nice blend. I also had to insert a levels layer between the two images to help get the exposures to line up.

After Sunset


If there is one thing I’ve learned as a photographer it is to not pack up my gear and go home as soon as the sun sets. It’s usually about a half hour later that the magic starts to happen. Such was the case on this evening. I did not manipulate the colors here it really was this pink as the ocean reflected the afterglow in the sky. I opted for a painterly treatment to soften the rocks in keeping with the beauty of the scene.