Day 51 – Bicyclist


Maybe Alone on my Bike

I listen, and the mountain lakes
hear snowflakes come on those winter wings
only the owls are awake to see,
their radar gaze and furred ears
alert. In that stillness a meaning shakes;

And I have thought (maybe alone
on my bike, quaintly on a cold
evening pedaling home), Think!–
the splendor of our life, its current unknown
as those mountains, the scene no one sees.

O citizens of our great amnesty:
we might have died. We live. Marvels
coast by, great veers and swoops of air
so bright the lamps waver in tears,
and I hear in the chain a chuckle I like to hear.

-William Stafford

A friend requested twenty assorted note cards. I don’t think she realized I don’t have a stock of them printed up but just print out whatever strikes my fancy at the time. So, I was hunting around this morning for images that would look good on note cards and came across this one I took in Vermont at the Shelburne Museum of a poster in the circus portion of the museum. Since clouds and the chance of rain have put a damper on my planned trip to the Applegate Valley I decided to just use this one instead. And imagine my excitement in finding a poem about riding a bike by Oregon’s own former poet laureate.

Day 43 – Rescue Barn



Weathered and worn
But oh so proudly
The old barn preened in the summer
Mid-day sun

He had seen her earlier,
Noticed her shape, angles
On the drive to his desk and cube

But now she shown
The aged wood, elephant skin
Or maybe the skin of a Burmese elder
Lit at the edge of the cut field

Tawny, creosote, browns in varied hues
Tingled his fancy, his synapses
Starkness of the vertical and horizontal lines
Breaking the field and forests
Softer edges

Ready for a picture or two
To catch the eye, the imagination
Of the traveler of the byway
Proud in its skin
In the light

 – Raymond A. Foss

One of the many awesome places we visited in Vermont was a farm where they rescue, among other things, old barns. This was just one of the many very cool barns on the property. I am almost done editing images from New England so I felt like since that is where most of my energy went today it was appropriate to dip into those files for today’s post. I reviewed a number of poems about old barns but most of them seemed so negative. I liked this one because it spoke of the majesty of the old barn rather than decadence as I hope my photo does too.

Day 36 – Books and Bakery


There is no Frigate Like a Book

There is no Frigate like a Book 
To take us Lands away 
Nor any Coursers like a Page 
Of prancing Poetry – 
This Traverse may the poorest take 
Without oppress of Toll – 
How frugal is the Chariot 
That bears the Human Soul –
– Emily Dickinson
I was feeling more painterly today and came across this image taken in Vermont. It had a lot of power lines in the original so I gave it the full Photoshop treatment. And what better combination than books and a bakery, and a poem by Emily Dickinson.

Day 24 – Fenway Park


Along Came Ruth

You step up to the platter
And you gaze with flaming hate
At the poor benighted pitcher
As you dig in at the plate.
You watch him cut his fast ball loose,
Then swing your trusty bat
And you park one in the bleachers-
Nothing’s simpler than that!

– Ford Frick

I made it home last night about 1:30 eastern time and woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:30 Pacific time. Now jet lag is starting to set in in earnest so I thought a newly created image from the New England files would fit the bill. And of course Baseball is also an important part of Autumn.

Day 19 – Waterfall



The magical sound,
of the cascading water,
natural beauty,

-Alice Morris

I haven’t completely given up on finding fall color in New England but it is starting to look doubtful. There was actually a little yellow in this scene but I could not get the rocks to look the right color so I finally gave up and tried it in black and white and I like it much better.

Day 16 – Sailboat


To reach a port we must set sail –
Sail, not tie at anchor
Sail, not drift.” 

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

We’ve been enjoying “wicked good” weather here on the coast of Maine. This put me in mind of a conclusion I came to while working as a weather forecaster. There really is no such thing as fall or spring weather. It’s just winter and summer duking it out. Summer has certainly been winning but it looks like winter may get in a few good licks soon, at least in terms of cooler temperatures.

Day 11 – Bright Lights Big City


Bright lights
Big City
She’s wearing hope around her neck tonight
In golden letters on a string
To make up for the darkness
To make up for the void within

Bright lights 
Big City
This girl could always sing you the blues
This girl is always passing through

Bright lights 
Big City
Don’t stay up
Don’t go waiting for her

Bright lights
Big City
This girl 
She’s always going somewhere

Bright lights
Big City
And when she goes away
She’s leaving you here

– Natascha Kracheel

Not exactly an autumn theme but it was this or the airplanes on the tarmac at SFO and I like this so much better. And this is my life on this day. And I love the poem, just a little edgy and something I can relate to. I love that I live in a small town where life is quiet and peaceful but I do like having a big city experience now and then. More often than I do now really…but I’m working on that. So, I am really stoked that I have two days to explore Boston on my own and one more with the tour group. This scene was about a block from my hotel. I had this vision that when I arrived at 8 pm on a Saturday everything would be dead and dark. So wrong, vibrant neighborhood, people everywhere. I even had trouble finding a restaurant where I didn’t have to wait for an hour to get some food.



OK, one more from Italy. I just loved the way this one turned out. I had processed it in Topaz restyle some time ago. But I added a suitable background and used watercolor brushes on the edges. I think I may have to get this on printed for MY wall.

Italian Alleyway


As I am learning new skills in Photoshop Artistry I have been going back through old files to look for things that would benefit from a different treatment. This image is from a 2010 trip to Italy. It was quite dark and required some serious levels adjustment to be usable. From there I just gave the edges a watercolor treatment, added some textures and an Italian stamp.