Dreaming of Spring


I’ve been suffering from a bad case of the winter blues mixed with serious cabin fever. I though since I went to Cuba in December I didn’t need to plan a warm winter trip for January. I was wrong. Won’t make that mistake again.

Anyway, I’m plugging away at Photoshop artistry and started playing with these orchard blossom pictures and came up with this composition I call Dreaming of Spring. It went through a lot of steps of blending and filter gallery and Topaz Impression and the addition of an artistic border but I’m pretty happy with the final result.

Wood Duck Composite


The weather hasn’t really been conducive to outdoor photography and I’ve been busy working on my album of photos from 2016. I’ve also been thinking alot about photo composites and digital art so I decided to play around with some ideas I had about using my wood duck pictures in a composite. For the background I used a closeup of a colorful glass plate from a macro workshop a few years ago. Then I added some clipping masks from Anna Aspnes designs. And then I started bringing in the photos. ¬†Overall I would say its OK but I’m not 100% happy with it. I would like to see the images blend into the background a little more. I think I like the ones that didn’t quite fit the clipping mask and I added color around the edges the best so that may be something to think about for future. Would I hang it on my wall. Probably. I see it as a metal print.

Black Eyed Susan


I’ve been working on ways to blend images and add text. In this one I took and image of some black-eyed susans and added a texture layer. I still wasn’t satisfied but in some of the blending modes the flowers went monochrome and that looked interesting to me so I made a sepia tone layer and blended it in as a sort of border. I liked the look and added some simple text just naming the flowers.



Here’s something a little different. I have been doing an online course in Photoshop Artistry and came up with this impression of Portland from my recent visit. I started with a skyline image taken from the Pittock mansion then added an image from my files of a rain streaked window. Then I did a selection of the umbrella man at Pioneer Courthouse square. I added a rose from the International Rose Test Garden for the city of Roses using a gradient mask to blend it in without obscuring the skyline. Finally, just in case you didn’t recognize it I put in a selection from the Portland theater sign. Not bad for a beginner.