Red Chevy Cuba

redchevyI started working with my Cuba pictures again this week. I decided it was such a special trip it need a scrapbook all it’s own. And I had to leave a lot out to keep it down to 12 pages in my 2016 book. So This is one of the photos I loved but the colors of the woman’s clothing and the buildings were distracting so I decided to do a selective black and white.

In Photoshop, just go to Select, color range, and use the eyedropper to select the color you want and use the fuzziness slider to make sure you get all of that color. Then hit control J to make a copy of the color selection. Now you can apply a black and white layer to the main photo and let the color layer sit on top. In this case, there was some red on one of the building so I had to do a selection on the building the apply another black and white adjustment layer to that selection. Yep, it’s really that simple.

Hood Ornament


I’m not sure if this is the original hood ornament that went with this car. I noticed in Cuba that hood ornaments were often not consistent with the vintage of the car and in some cases old hood ornaments were mounted on top of the original. For example I saw one jaguar on top of a 1950s chevy with an airplane ornament. In any case, I think we should bring back the hood ornament, they just add such panache to the cars. In this case the gold painted host car and it’s orange neighbor offered up a palette that could only be found in Cuba.

Not much post processing required. Some de-noising and sharpening and maybe a little vibrance and saturation.