Hurray, the Irises are in bloom. This one had a bland beige background so I had to come up with a new one for it but it helped to define the image so I like the new look. I also did some burning and dodging and added detail and saturation. This image was shot with my 180mm macro lens with an extension tube.

California Poppy


Sometimes I wonder why I keep going out to photograph poppies. I have so many gorgeous ones in my files already. But this one is gorgeous too so I guess you can’t have too many. I used the 180 mm Macro lens on the Canon 7D Mark II for this one. It was so windy last weekend I hardly had a chance to get it out. But there was a little bit of calm in the morning and I’m glad I took advantage of it.

Post processing was minimal. Just adjusted the exposure a little, denoised a little, and sharpened a little.



I went to California looking for wildflowers, which I found, but it was so windy it was hard to get any closeups and it was cloudy so the landscapes were dull. I finally retreated to the wildlife refuge where I found birds aplenty including a pair of American Avocets. Sadly I did not realize until I got home that my depth of field was too shallow to get them both in focus at the same time. So I settled on this individual portrait.

Pink Blossoms


I was in the neighborhood of North Mountain Park on Tuesday and decided to just stop by and see what signs of spring I could find. There were lots but it was windy and threatening to rain. Still I managed to capture a few good images, including these pink blossoms. Before I was done with my walk it started to pour again.

Deer in Snow


Not much time for photography this week but this image I shot in New Mexico some years back on the east side of the Sangre de Cristo Range. It had just started to snow. Unfortunately it turned into a full blown blizzard and I was on the wrong side of the mountains!

I did a watercolor treatment on a texture to get the effect. I think this one might look good printed on wood.



This one started out as an exercise to force myself to use my Wacom Tablet and pen instead of a mouse. It worked very well for masking out many extraneous branches. I had put it on a watercolor wash background but when I tried to blend the eagle it was too blue. So then I tried a warm toned overlay and started through the blending modes. When I hit Color Burn this popped up and I said “Oh, yeah!”



So nice to see the daffodils blooming everywhere. I found this one in front of the nature center at North Mountain Park in Ashland. I love the pop of color added by the grape hyacinths!

I probably should have shot to include the whole stem but image this fat old woman with a tripod on her knees trying to see through the viewfinder at an odd angle and worried about getting run over. You do what you can. I still think it is a pleasing image.

In post I adjusted the exposure a little, added detail and just a little saturation and darkened the corners to give the daffodil center stage.



Finally, some flowers to photograph! I love these little guys for their dogged determination in appearing in February before all the other flowers and marking the hope that spring cannot be far away. I used by 180mm macro lens on these and was lucky that they were still hanging on to a few raindrops from the day before.