Hurray, the Irises are in bloom. This one had a bland beige background so I had to come up with a new one for it but it helped to define the image so I like the new look. I also did some burning and dodging and added detail and saturation. This image was shot with my 180mm macro lens with an extension tube.

California Poppy


Sometimes I wonder why I keep going out to photograph poppies. I have so many gorgeous ones in my files already. But this one is gorgeous too so I guess you can’t have too many. I used the 180 mm Macro lens on the Canon 7D Mark II for this one. It was so windy last weekend I hardly had a chance to get it out. But there was a little bit of calm in the morning and I’m glad I took advantage of it.

Post processing was minimal. Just adjusted the exposure a little, denoised a little, and sharpened a little.

Pink Blossoms


I was in the neighborhood of North Mountain Park on Tuesday and decided to just stop by and see what signs of spring I could find. There were lots but it was windy and threatening to rain. Still I managed to capture a few good images, including these pink blossoms. Before I was done with my walk it started to pour again.



Finally, some flowers to photograph! I love these little guys for their dogged determination in appearing in February before all the other flowers and marking the hope that spring cannot be far away. I used by 180mm macro lens on these and was lucky that they were still hanging on to a few raindrops from the day before.

Image of the year – Dutch Iris


Traditionally this time of year I am combing through my images to find the top 10 to 25 or at least my favorites. this year with over 8000 images in my 2016 file (and yes some of them belong in the recycle bin) I decided it would be a fools errand. I’m up to my ears in completing an album of images from 2016 which is now up to 56 pages and I’m halfway through October. With 5 or six images a page, well, you do the math, it’s a lot more than 25. Some of the images got in because they are best to tell the story but still, they have to have some redeeming value to make the cut.

So, long story short, this Dutch Iris keeps popping up in my mind when I try to think of my favorite image of the year so I decided to just go with it and skip the filtering process. Ironically, with all the travel I’ve been doing, it was captured about two blocks from my house. It was April, it had been raining and was just starting to clear so the flowers were in prime condition and still had a few drops on them. I have a metal print of this one hanging in my downstairs bathroom, which is also serving as an art gallery.

I will also be using this one for the sidebar of my blog site so, no, you are not seeing double.

Leaf with Raindrop


The Japanese Garden in Ashland’s Lithia Park was in full glory this week. But I found myself fascinated with the raindrops lingering on the ends of the leaves. I did one sweep through the Garden with a wide angle lens then went back to the car and got the new 180mm macro which won the day with this image of Japanese maple leaves with a raindrop and a beautiful soft yet colorful background.

Mushrooms with leaf


Well, I guess it is a good thing when I am too busy photographing to post the image of the week. I spent a long weekend at a photo workshop in Olympic National Park. The fall color was stunning but the rain didn’t let up for too long at a time. I found myself drawn to the mushrooms which were present in all colors shapes and well, mostly small, sizes.

This one was right along the edge of the road near a steep bank so it was all I could do to get a shot framed and some serious cropping ensued. I added a little saturation, some sharpening and darkened the edges.



I spent a little time in the Portland Rose Test Gardens this week while on a tour of the northern part of the state. Lots of good images to plow through from there and other destinations. This one got the basic sharpening, saturation and darkening of the edges in post processing. And a little cropping to place the center of the rose off from the center of the image.