Day 97 – Common Mergansers


Merganser Haiku

Common Merganser

You look so unlike your mate

Could God not decide?

-Jeanne Hoadley

Well, not many poems about merganser’s that’s for sure. I even had a Mary Oliver poem picked out but I could not find it online and I was not about to type the whole thing in. So, you get my Haiku instead. I decided since it is the last week of the project I should pull out all the stops and go to my favorite places to photograph. So, in spite of being a major snow wimp, I made the trek over the Greensprings to the Klamath Basin. There were patches of ice on the road but the Honda performed like a champ and I reminded myself this is why I insist on having all wheel drive. There were lots of hawks, lots of blue herons, a few ducks, and a flock of geese way out in the middle of the lake sitting on the ice. This may be the first time I have been to the refuges and not seen a bald eagle, and this is supposed to be their best time of year. I dithered between a hawk, a heron and this image but I love the expression on the male’s face, turns out he was thinking about flying away, which he did in the next frame.

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