Street Musician – Galway

Street MusiciansConcertina_man are everywhere in the cities of Ireland. Everything from tin whistles to rock bands I shot this in Galway but then he turned up again in Cork. The instrument is called a concertina. He also had dancing puppets. I liked his feather.

I don’t do a lot of portraits but this fellow definitely had a unique look that cried out for photographing.

I like the way he is framed by the arch but I wish I had gotten the whole instrument in the frame. Cloudy skies in Ireland meant high ISOs so denoising and sharpening have been routine in post processing.

St. Kevin’s Church

I don’t know if St_Kevins_TEanyone noticed but I was so busy keeping up with my travel blog that I did not get an image of the week posted. I am only just starting to shift gears from documenting my trip to creating art so here is an early attempt that was shot last week in Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland. There is a lot worthy of photographing in Ireland and being tied to a tour bus is not the best way to go about it. But, I fear I would not be able to drive on the left side of the road and I’m a little too old for hitchhiking so short of hiring a driver I’m not sure how to make it happen.

In any case, I liked the colors of the mountains and the field in this one. I tried it as an impressionist painting but I liked a little more realism so ended up with a texture effect that gave it a border and helped to emphasize the stone church.

Celtic Cross


I’m on the move in Ireland and I don’t know that this is the best image I’ve taken this week but it is the closest at hand and it is representative of what I came to Ireland to photograph. I hope we will see more like this. I’m finding the lighting to be a real challenge here as the weather cycles through stages of cloudiness, rain and sunshine every day. Not always optimal when you need it. I ended up doing an HDR on this one which turned out surprisingly well given I wasn’t using a tripod. I sharpened it, used a high pass filter, and sharpened it some more but I am still not completely happy with the quality. I do think it will work well as an element in a Photoshop composite.

Grunge Abstract


There’s not a whole lot of grunge left in Ashland’s now trendy Railroad District but there is one building down about 1st and A that has corrugated iron in all stages of rustiness with old wood underneath and patches on the patches. And a kind of spooky face painted on one side. I just keep going back for more.

Birds Taking Flight


I was working on culling the files this week and came across this one from my June trip to the coast that I had processed in Topaz Impression. It just made me go Oh, Wow, I really like that so I thought I would make it the image of the week since I have mostly been working on learning new tricks in Photoshop but do not yet have a lot to show for it.



Here’s something a little different. I have been doing an online course in Photoshop Artistry and came up with this impression of Portland from my recent visit. I started with a skyline image taken from the Pittock mansion then added an image from my files of a rain streaked window. Then I did a selection of the umbrella man at Pioneer Courthouse square. I added a rose from the International Rose Test Garden for the city of Roses using a gradient mask to blend it in without obscuring the skyline. Finally, just in case you didn’t recognize it I put in a selection from the Portland theater sign. Not bad for a beginner.



I spent a little time in the Portland Rose Test Gardens this week while on a tour of the northern part of the state. Lots of good images to plow through from there and other destinations. This one got the basic sharpening, saturation and darkening of the edges in post processing. And a little cropping to place the center of the rose off from the center of the image.



Nothing like a nice graphic black and white. I was scrolling through the archives looking for inspiration when I came upon this one that didn’t do much for me in color and had some weird distracting things coming through the windows so I went for a different look in black and white and came up with something I really love.



I was looking for birds to photograph but I kept hearing these bullfrogs so went over to the pond to investigate. Took me awhile to find them even with the 600mm lens but I finally did. I took this one into Topaz glow to soften up the pond scum a little.

Bee on Coneflower


I have been neglecting my photography in favor of genealogy lately so I made a special trip to North Mountain Park this morning. I was thinking birds but the bees were more cooperative and cone flowers (aka echinacea) are always so photogenic. This one had the usual post processing in Color Efex Pro.  A little detail, a little saturation a little darkening of the corners.