Still Life with Singer


On a trip to Redwoods National Park I stopped in at the history museum in Crescent City where I found lots of fun stuff to photograph. I was especially taken with this still life already set up and waiting for me. I had to edit out a couple of signs then gave it a painterly treatment and added a couple of textures to help with the old timey look.



Hurray, the Irises are in bloom. This one had a bland beige background so I had to come up with a new one for it but it helped to define the image so I like the new look. I also did some burning and dodging and added detail and saturation. This image was shot with my 180mm macro lens with an extension tube.

Rock Art


I’ve been trolling through old images looking for things to include in digital art pieces. I came across this one and just went WOW. It has been over saturated to bring out the colors but I love the contrast of the natural rock and the petroglyphs. Sending it out for printing on metal right away. I may have to order two because I know I want one hanging on My wall.

I’m seeing a series here. I’m seeing a show on the walls of some winery.

California Poppy


Sometimes I wonder why I keep going out to photograph poppies. I have so many gorgeous ones in my files already. But this one is gorgeous too so I guess you can’t have too many. I used the 180 mm Macro lens on the Canon 7D Mark II for this one. It was so windy last weekend I hardly had a chance to get it out. But there was a little bit of calm in the morning and I’m glad I took advantage of it.

Post processing was minimal. Just adjusted the exposure a little, denoised a little, and sharpened a little.



I went to California looking for wildflowers, which I found, but it was so windy it was hard to get any closeups and it was cloudy so the landscapes were dull. I finally retreated to the wildlife refuge where I found birds aplenty including a pair of American Avocets. Sadly I did not realize until I got home that my depth of field was too shallow to get them both in focus at the same time. So I settled on this individual portrait.

Pink Blossoms


I was in the neighborhood of North Mountain Park on Tuesday and decided to just stop by and see what signs of spring I could find. There were lots but it was windy and threatening to rain. Still I managed to capture a few good images, including these pink blossoms. Before I was done with my walk it started to pour again.

Deer in Snow


Not much time for photography this week but this image I shot in New Mexico some years back on the east side of the Sangre de Cristo Range. It had just started to snow. Unfortunately it turned into a full blown blizzard and I was on the wrong side of the mountains!

I did a watercolor treatment on a texture to get the effect. I think this one might look good printed on wood.



This one started out as an exercise to force myself to use my Wacom Tablet and pen instead of a mouse. It worked very well for masking out many extraneous branches. I had put it on a watercolor wash background but when I tried to blend the eagle it was too blue. So then I tried a warm toned overlay and started through the blending modes. When I hit Color Burn this popped up and I said “Oh, yeah!”