Winter is definitely getting to me.  I have been wracking my brain for something to shoot in between rainstorms.  I finally thought I might try doing some black and white photography at the Japanese Gardens. But when I saw these ferns I knew they needed to be in color.

Post processing was in Color Efex pro with detail and brilliance/warmth added. I am not crazy about the branch in the upper right hand corner but I could not crop it without losing the best frond on the left.  I tried cropping it to 8×10 format but that took out the point of the bottom frond so I decided I would rather live with the branch.  It might be argued that it provides a stopping point for your eye to move back into the image.

Ti’lomikh Falls


I wanted to start the new year off right by kicking off one of my new projects which involves photographing along the Rogue River from its headwaters to its mouth.   I started doing projects over 15 years ago (egad!). I have found that having a project gives me a focus for getting out in the field and shooting.  I began planning this project in New Mexico while dreaming about my return to Oregon. I’ve done a little scouting already and have gathered some maps and divided the river up into manageable segments.

Ti’lomikh falls is on the Shady Cove to Gold Hill segment, just upriver from Gold Hill. I did not know that we had world class whitewater so close to home and I will look forward to returning in hopes of getting a kayaker in the shot. And so it goes with projects. As I learn about my subject I get ideas for new and better images. I also have a good excuse to practice and improve my technique.

Which is a good thing. For example this image is not going to win any prizes but it is the best one I brought home that day. I almost went back the next day to shoot again because I thought about all the things I had done wrong. But I took a deep breath and promised to do better next time.  It is in the learning and remembering  and honing my skills that I can benefit from the project. Look for more from the Rogue River Project in the coming months.

To read more about past projects check out my website.

Cat – Image of the Year 2014

cropped-cat_simplified1.jpgI decided it was time for a new look for my weekly photo blog so here it is.  Let me know what you think.  After much editing and scrolling through files I finally settled on this as my favorite image of 2014. I like it for being simple and graphic with pleasing colors.  I had to manipulate the colors some to get this look and I used Topaz Simplify to give it a more painterly look.  And he gets the honor of being the poster cat for the blog this year.  Though I reserve the right to change him out if I get tired of looking at him.