Shorebird2Well, this week I spent most of my time working on a slide show to use as a demonstration in a PowerPoint class I am going to be teaching. I was using my California trip as an example so I chose this photo from the group for the image of the week. It’s bordering on the abstract f you don’t know what you are looking at. It is the shadow of a pier on the beach with waves coming in and a shorebird looking for something to eat.

Spider web with dew


I was wandering around North Mountain Park in Ashland when I spotted this spider web covered with dew drops. I didn’t realize I had the spider too until I got it home, though I probably shouldn’t admit that. It did require some cropping, which put me in mind of getting a 180mm macro lens, and I did a lot of sharpening to get the dew drops to look just right.

Grizzly Peak Spring

GrizzlyI haven’t done much with Topaz Impression lately so I thought it was time. This image of Grizzly Peak was done in the style of Georgia O’Keefe. Hmmm, what if Georgia had come to Southern Oregon instead of New Mexico? Anyway, this was shot last week when things were more springlike. I know for a fact that there is more snow on the mountain today and I’m not sure how the trees fared in the recent winds. But, I now know a good spot to go and capture the changing moods and seasons of Ashland’s own special mountain.

Porch Chair

ChairIt was all about the post processing in this one as the shaded porch did not make for good light the the blue chair against the blue house didn’t work as well as I thought. I was considering a black and white treatment but after adding detail and saturation and adjusting the exposure using levels, I took it into Topaz texture effects where I found several looks that worked well. I ended up choosing the burning dust preset as it best fit my vision of how the chair should look.

Old Truck

TruckA friend got permission for us to photograph in the boneyard of a logging company in the Applegate Valley. I’ve had a lot of fun processing each image for just the right look. I don’t really have a favorite, I chose this one because it is the last one I did. I took it into Nik Color Efex Pro to add detail and saturation. Then I turned around and took it into Topaz Texture Effects for an old timey look. I finally settled on the scratched bronze preset which gave me just the mood I was looking for.


Most of my photographic efforts this week have been directed at editing and processing images from the CPieralifornia trip. It seems that every beach town in the state has it’s own pier. This one is in Cayucos just north of Morro Bay on Hwy 1. One thing about travel photography is that sometimes you are there when you’re there and the light sucks as in this case. I decided to try to make lemonade though and went for a serious grunge look using Topaz texture effects (they really should be paying me for all the times I mention them but they are not). Then I added a grungy border just to finish it off. I like it.

Tree Abstract

Tree_Abstract_TTEIt was mostly about post processing this week though I did get out yesterday to find some Wood Ducks. Still I liked this abstract enough to designate it image of the week.

This was shot at the butterfly grove in Pismo Beach. I used a low ISO and slow shutter speed to capture this while deliberately moving the camera.

Then in Photoshop I added vibrance and saturation. Next I took it into Topaz Texture Effects and just started looking for something I liked in the presets. Once I found it I drilled down and started playing with the preset filters. I changed the texture to give it a more foresty look and changed the light leak to give a hint of a sunburst in the upper left. ┬áThen I added a border just for visual interest. I finished it off in Color Efex Pro with an image border so it wasn’t totally squared off.

I like that it is still obviously about trees but abstract enough that it is definitely not a straight photograph nor could it be easily reproduced. I think for photography to be art it should not be easy to reproduce, which is getting harder and harder to do.

Elephant Seal


Touring California’s central coast brought us to an elephant seal rookery yesterday. There were many great pictures but this one won for cuteness and the soulful look on the face of this young male seal who is perhaps dreaming of the day when he will be beach master and have a chance to mate.

Post processing was about as usual, a little detail, a little saturation and a little darkening of the corners.



This image was taken on a photo walk with my new Canon EOS M3. It had just started to clear after a rainstorm and the grass was covered with raindrops. I didn’t have a tripod with me but decided what the heck and started shooting away hand held. Not bad, eh? So far I’m pretty impressed with this little camera and have to congratulate Canon on fixing most of the things that didn’t work for me on the M classic.