Birds Taking Flight


I was working on culling the files this week and came across this one from my June trip to the coast that I had processed in Topaz Impression. It just made me go Oh, Wow, I really like that so I thought I would make it the image of the week since I have mostly been working on learning new tricks in Photoshop but do not yet have a lot to show for it.



Here’s something a little different. I have been doing an online course in Photoshop Artistry and came up with this impression of Portland from my recent visit. I started with a skyline image taken from the Pittock mansion then added an image from my files of a rain streaked window. Then I did a selection of the umbrella man at Pioneer Courthouse square. I added a rose from the International Rose Test Garden for the city of Roses using a gradient mask to blend it in without obscuring the skyline. Finally, just in case you didn’t recognize it I put in a selection from the Portland theater sign. Not bad for a beginner.



I spent a little time in the Portland Rose Test Gardens this week while on a tour of the northern part of the state. Lots of good images to plow through from there and other destinations. This one got the basic sharpening, saturation and darkening of the edges in post processing. And a little cropping to place the center of the rose off from the center of the image.



Nothing like a nice graphic black and white. I was scrolling through the archives looking for inspiration when I came upon this one that didn’t do much for me in color and had some weird distracting things coming through the windows so I went for a different look in black and white and came up with something I really love.



I was looking for birds to photograph but I kept hearing these bullfrogs so went over to the pond to investigate. Took me awhile to find them even with the 600mm lens but I finally did. I took this one into Topaz glow to soften up the pond scum a little.

Bee on Coneflower


I have been neglecting my photography in favor of genealogy lately so I made a special trip to North Mountain Park this morning. I was thinking birds but the bees were more cooperative and cone flowers (aka echinacea) are always so photogenic. This one had the usual post processing in Color Efex Pro.  A little detail, a little saturation a little darkening of the corners.

Red Poppy


I finally got that 180mm macro lens I’ve been jonesin’ for. Took it out for a test run at North Mountain Park this morning and I have to say I am very pleased with the results. Only took me an hour and a half to tear myself away from the gardens. The birds will have to wait for another day.

This image was cropped a little from the top. Added detail and saturation in Color Efex pro and some sharpening in Photoshop.