Still having fun with the flower photography workshop. This one was taken with the 50mm lens and one extension tube at f1.8. Love the soft focus and the shape of the petals.

As the instructor was demonstrating editing in Lightroom I followed her lead with some adjustment of exposure and clarity and vibrance and a little sharpening. I did take it into Photoshop to use the spot healing brush on some blemishes and pollen spots.

Sunflower with bee


I’ve been having a great time doing an online flower photography workshop. While I’m already a pretty good flower photographer (IMHO), I have been motivated to try out lenses I forgot I had (shot this one with a 50mm and one extension tube) and look for new locations to shoot. This one I just had to walk down the street to where my neighbor has an amazing patch of sunflowers. Nice of the bee to show up just as I was shooting. Very minimal post processing required.

Monarch Butterfly


Just started a flower photography workshop so I was out photographing in the butterfly garden at North Mountain Park when darned if a Monarch butterfly didn’t show up. It took its time exploring the butterfly bush and I was very happy to have my 180mm macro lens on the camera.

A little cropping, a little vibrance and saturation, a little sharpening. But really not much post processing required. Of course, I have another version that went through a full blown Photoshop artistry treatment.


Fireweed Blossom


One of the things I love about macro photography is that it allows us to see thing we might not otherwise. Bright pink stalks of fireweed line the highway on the Olympic Penninsula creating stunning displays, but how many of us ever look at the individual blossoms. I was surprised to see the little white curlicues when I zoomed in close and, of course, the dew drop was an added bonus.



OK, one more from Italy. I just loved the way this one turned out. I had processed it in Topaz restyle some time ago. But I added a suitable background and used watercolor brushes on the edges. I think I may have to get this on printed for MY wall.

Italian Alleyway


As I am learning new skills in Photoshop Artistry I have been going back through old files to look for things that would benefit from a different treatment. This image is from a 2010 trip to Italy. It was quite dark and required some serious levels adjustment to be usable. From there I just gave the edges a watercolor treatment, added some textures and an Italian stamp.



I have been systematically working my way through old photo files to find opportunities to create new art. Found this one from a trip to the Albuquerque zoo in 2009. I added a background paper from Anna Aspnes that perfectly complemented the color and did some brush work using water color brushes.

Red Chevy Cuba

redchevyI started working with my Cuba pictures again this week. I decided it was such a special trip it need a scrapbook all it’s own. And I had to leave a lot out to keep it down to 12 pages in my 2016 book. So This is one of the photos I loved but the colors of the woman’s clothing and the buildings were distracting so I decided to do a selective black and white.

In Photoshop, just go to Select, color range, and use the eyedropper to select the color you want and use the fuzziness slider to make sure you get all of that color. Then hit control J to make a copy of the color selection. Now you can apply a black and white layer to the main photo and let the color layer sit on top. In this case, there was some red on one of the building so I had to do a selection on the building the apply another black and white adjustment layer to that selection. Yep, it’s really that simple.