I have been experimenting with black and white lately. This image is a closeup of the base of the fountain across from the band shell in Lithia Park. I can’t say how many times I have walk by it and photographed either the whole fountain or the statuette on top but it never occurred to me until now to photograph the detail at the base. You can also see how badly it is crumbling when looked at up close. But part of the beauty of the 100 days project is I go back to places I’ve been before and see things I’ve missed or from a new perspective.

Sunset with Dog


This is an image I passed by in earlier editing because the sky was overexposed. It finally occurred to me as I sifted through images at the end of the year that I had the correct exposure on another frame without the dog. So, I blended the two images in Photoshop and came up with this beauty.

How did I do that, you may ask. Just open both images in Photoshop. Put the dog image on the bottom and the good sky image on the top. Add a layer mask to the top image. Select the brush tool and paint with black let the dog come through. I used the lines of the ocean and the rocks shadow to get a nice blend. I also had to insert a levels layer between the two images to help get the exposures to line up.

Image of the Year – Red Poppy


Well, it’s been a mad dash this week. I’ve been culling my files for my favorite images of 2015. I started with over 6500 images and ended with around 4000. Yes there is probably more opportunity for opening up disc space but it’s a good start. At the end of the day I had 65 images on my best of list and had to cut it down to 25, which in the end wasn’t that hard after all. I went through the list without seeing the images and certain ones just stood out in my mind.

Among the final 25 there were 6 flowers and 6 birds, three coastal sunsets, and only 4 that showed the hand of mankind. Ten could fall into the macro or closeup category, 6 had alternative processing, meaning a texture or painterly treatment was added after the fact. And two were black and white, which seems to be calling to me more these days. To see all 25, go to

But when it came down to choosing the image of the year this was more of a Sophie’s choice. I love them all but in my mind I kept coming back to the Pansies and the Red Poppy, though sunset with dog had it’s moments. On a different day I might have chosen differently but in the end I had to make a choice and today the red poppy rose to the top. As for the new sidebar image on this blog, I needed a vertical and the Iris was hands down my favorite of the three verticals.

I’m still not sure anyone is reading this blog  but happiest of new years to you if you do!

After Sunset


If there is one thing I’ve learned as a photographer it is to not pack up my gear and go home as soon as the sun sets. It’s usually about a half hour later that the magic starts to happen. Such was the case on this evening. I did not manipulate the colors here it really was this pink as the ocean reflected the afterglow in the sky. I opted for a painterly treatment to soften the rocks in keeping with the beauty of the scene.



It’s that time of year that I start cleaning out the files and looking for hidden gems that I missed in the first round of processing. This Poppy certainly falls into the hidden gem category. Not sure how I missed it before.

Post processing required only a little cropping ans saturation and some denoise treatment which is getting to be standard for me.



On tour with the Road Scholars this week we ended day one with a visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. I was excited with how well this shark silhouette turned out. Had to do a lot of noise reduction,exposure adjustment and sharpening but overall I think it turned out quite well.

Bald Eagle


I had to make it a quick trip to the Klamath Basin ahead of an incoming cold front and before Holiday and other obligations sucked up my time. But I can at least report that indeed the Eagles are beginning to return.

Post processing was a little difficult with this as the bird was backlit and in shade but I got a lot of help from Color Efex pro in bringing out the detail in the feathers. Some burning and dodging on the head also helped.

Pear Orchard with Mountains


This pear orchard in Talent is not five minutes from my house.  I was sitting on the deck of a retreat center and wishing I could come back every day for a year to photograph the changing seasons with this awesome view.

I had to work it a little to control the haziness in the mountains. Added some saturation to bring out the colors of the trees and grass. And it called out for a frame so I gave it one but saved a master without just in case I want to order a large gallery wrap some day.

Raindrops on Autumn Leaves


Well, first of all kudos to Canon for finally getting with the program on mirrorless. Not only did they start marketing a telephoto lens in North America, they have introduced an updated version of the EOS M. I haven’t yet sprung for the new body (dubbed the EOS M3) but I jumped on the telephoto lens for my original EOS M and have been running around testing it out on autumn leaves and I am pretty happy with the results, all of which have been handheld.  Imagine what I could do with the upgraded body…hmmm. First I need to invest in a telephoto lens for the Fujifilm, and then Tamron has a new medium telephoto that would look good on the 7D…. so many ways to spend my money.

Anyway I found these leaves with raindrops in Lithia Park at the Japanese Gardens which, as of Wednesday were all decked out in stunning colors. The leaves are falling fast though so get there soon.

I made a break from my usual post processing routine and did this one mostly in Lightroom. I cropped in some and even rotated a little to get more of a diagonal line on the branch. I added clarity, vibrance and a touch of saturation. Then needed some noise reduction since I was shooting at high ISO. Finally some sharpening and then I took it into Photoshop for some spot healing and a little darkening around the edges and on the right side to bring out the leaf on the left.