This site is dedicated to a one hundred days project by me,  photographer Jeanne Hoadley.  I will post a new photograph taken during the project period each day for 100 days. If the spirit moves me I will also add a Haiku. The purpose of a one hundred days project is to help me grow and develop as a photographer (and poet?). Since winter is the hardest time for me to get out and photograph I am challenging myself to 100 days of winter.  That does not mean I have to go out every day, studio shots are fair game. It is not always possible to post a new image each day but I will endeavor to create at least one image each day and get it posted as soon as I can. Thanks for joining me on this journey. I hope you enjoy my images!

The snowflake image in the header was taken by me in December of 2013 when I was experimenting with photographing snowflakes in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have since moved to Southern Oregon where it does not snow often and does not get as cold as in New Mexico so don’t hold you breath for more snowflake pictures. I will endeavor to find some snow in the mountains before winter is over. It may even snow in the valley, who knows?

Oh, and yes, I know that winter does not officially begin until the solstice on December 22 this year but it is the spirit of winter I want to capture and this project will take me from December 1, 2015 to March 9, 2016. Starting later I would really be pushing into spring weather and flowers here in Southern Oregon and that would not be so much in the spirit of the project.