Day 72 – Tree Abstract

I love explorTree_Abstract_TTEing that never never land where art meets photogaphy. And this image is a great example. It started with a tree that I shot at low ISO and slow shutter speed while deliberately moving the camera. That gave me the nice light streaks. Then I took it into Photoshop and increased the saturation. Then I took it into Topaz Texture Effects and just started looking for a look I liked. Then I drilled down and started messing with the textures and light leaks and finally came up with this image that I love. You can still see the tree in there somewhere and the texture I chose gives a hit of a forest. The light leak suggests sunbeams streaming through but I took the opacity down to make it subtle. I would definitely hang this one on my wall!

Day 7 – Brewery Abstract


It was another rainy miserable day on the Coast with Road Scholars. Fortunately we had an indoor tour at Rogue Brewery this afternoon. I was taken with the geometry of the pipes on a fermentation tank. In post I did some sharpening and then went a little further with a high pass filter. Thought it needed a little more color so I took it into Topaz restyle where the Orange peel filter gave me what I wanted.

Day 3 – My New Lamp


The weather outside today was not fit for woman or beast, let alone cameras. So, I was left with whatever I could find inside the house. I turned to my new stained glass lamp for a nice geometric abstract. Post processing entailed saturation, detail, and sharpening as well as some color balance adjustments.