Day 97 – Lion

So I was really iLion2interested in the juxtaposition of this lion and the shadow of an oriental yard art piece. There are lions on both sides of the porch. I have a notion that someone from New York who is a library fan may live here. In any cased I processed the first one, which was shot head on, in bright colors and I liked it but then I saw this one and said “Oh, black and white” and when it was done I liked this one just a little more.

Day 82 – Door with Bricks

Door_wbrickWell, I am just heartsick right now. I had a really nice camera walk in Ashland’s Railroad District. When I went to download my images I was surprised there were not more. But I carried on and efficiently reformated my disc. Then I got to loking at the images and I went “Where are the rest of my pictures.” I don’t know what happened but at least half of the days shooting was lost! Whether I failed to capture and transfer the images or they somehow were never recorded I don’t know but I suspect the former. Anyway, this one is from the few early frames that did survive. I guess this happens to all photographers at some point in one way or another but still…. And I had such great hopes of having enough material for a week. Guess I will just have to go back tomorrow. A little earlier I think. ┬áthe more I look at this the more it looks off balance. I did crop some from the bottom to get rid of the alley but maybe I went too far. This, by the way is the back door of the Peerless Hotel on 4th street, right next to the Coca Cola sign.

Day 77 – Palm Shadow

I’m starting to resonate on thePalm_shadow idea of doing a virtual gallery show on my mission pictures all in bla
ck and white. I did not go in thinking in black and white but many of the images, such as this one really work better that way. I also have some from mission San Diego that could be included. But in order to avoid stealing my own thunder that means you probably won’t be seeing any more mission pictures here. This, by the way is at Mission Santa Inez in Solvang and I was really most intrigued by the shadow of the palm tree though the window is nice too.

Day 76 – Mission Bell

Mission_BellI just did a webinar on black and white processing so of course I had to find something that would benefit from experimentation. This mission bell from Santa Inez filled the bill. I added a lot of detail to bring out the texture in the stucco and also some contrast which helped show the detail in the bell and iron work. I’m think now maybe I should have cropped a little from the upper right corner to improve the composition but overall I like it and would definitely hang it on my wall.

Day 69 – Window with Benches


I’m just starting the process of sifting through the images from my trip to find and process the keepers. This one is from Soledad Mission, shot on January 26. It was processed in Topaz Black and White Effects using a coffee toned treatment. I think there is going to be a show on Missions but do I do it now or wait and see what I get to see in Texas in a couple of months?

Day 67 – Mission Window


I have a lot of material to edit and process. Over 1400 images according to Lightroom. Of course some will need to go. I can’t say I am really in the mood for it today. Trying to rest and regroup. I hope next week I will be able to put a little more heart into photography. For now this image from San Juan Batista Mission cried out for a black and white treatment with high contrast to bring out the texture in the stucco walls. I like the center placement of the window as it is set off by the horizontal lines.

Day 41 – Collapse


While out looking for barns the other day I came across this house on the verge of collapse. The original photograph was rather dull and grey but I did a webinar today on painterly effects so I was inspired to try layering efect on effect with this one and I was pleased with how it added some color and life to the image.