Day 62 – Sea Otters


I had a little time to go back to Morro Bay and photograph Sea Otters today. And I am so glad I did! I thought I was doing great at the original Sea Otter sighting spot but two different people stopped to tell me to go down by the Great American Fish Company where they were really close.

Well, I didn’t really know where that was but I spotted it on the way out and decided what the heck. They were so close I could get intimate portraits like this with the 150-600mm zoom lens. So sweet. Post processing as usual. Detail, sharpness, saturation and darkening on the edges.

Day 55 – Snowy Egret


OK, hang onto your hats, things are about to get interesting. This is the first day of a two week winter escape to California. First stop Colusa National Wildlife Refuge. this Snowy Egret was happy to go about his business while I clicked happily away. Hard to choose from the many nice images and the detail in the feathers captured by the 7D Mark II is still blowing me away!

Day 53 – Golden Crowned Sparrow


Yesterday, for the first time in, Ah, hem, 52 days, it wasn’t rainy or windy. So, I hurried on down to North Mountain Park to see if I could find any birds to photograph. They were few and far between and jumping around alot. But I did find a few sparrows and Juncos gathered around the bird feeders. ¬†Looks like this one was sampling a rock though.

Day 25 – Burrowing Owl Juvenile


Ok, I decided to take Christmas Day off and tack another day on at the end. Now, I’m back to editing. This one is from a June trip to Harney County. My first encounter with burrowing owls and we spent nearly two hours shooting them so I’d better have something good. Post processing involved a crop, a little saturation and a little sharpening.

Day 5 – Shark


My tour group ended the day with a visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. I was really taken with the light patterns in the lower right and just waited for a shark to swim by to give the image some meaning. I don’t even mind the spotlight in the upper left which could just as easily be the sun peeking through.

I was shooting at high ISO so the main processing challenge was noise reduction. I also did some sharpening and used spot healing brush to eliminate distracting spectral highlights.