Day 95 – Iris

As I said yesterday, the bIrisest part about winter is watching it come to an end. Spring is not quite in full bloom but it can be surprising what you find out there even in early March. I found this Iris almost ready to burst forth on my camera walk last week. I wasn’t sure it really needed a texture but thought I would just give it a look. I found one called “Color Burst” which utterly transformed this from a pretty image to (IMHO) a beautiful work of art.

Day 49 – Oak Leaf


I know, I know, not another oak leaf. But what is a Macro Photographer to do in the depts of winter. At least I haven’t given in to bringing home a bouquet yet. And I did process several images yesterday but this was still my favorite. I have something else in mind for tomorrow, weather permitting.

Day 48 – Pine Cone


I’ve been working a day ahead so I have something ready to post each day. I must say that takes some of the stress. This is another one from the first outing of the EOS M3. Also processed in Topaz Texture effects. Today it is pouring rain again, maybe there will be a break later for a camera walk. But meanwhile I’m heading to the archives for new processing opportunities.

Day 45 – Another Oak Leaf


Well, I can only say in my defense that Oak leaves are about the most interesting thing I have found to photograph lately. This is another one processed in Topaz Texture Effects. I like the way it made the grass blades stand out and added some color to what was mostly a brown image. I do wish I had not crowed the top of the leaf so close to the image frame but it was hand held so framing accidents happen.

Day 44- Tree


I’ve been saving this one for a busy day like today. I captured this one on my photo walk the other day. The weather has not been too cooperative since and I have been busy getting my Wacom tablet set up and airing out my Epson printer which has not had much use since the move. That is all about to change though…. This was also one of the first images I processed in Topaz texture effects.

Day 36 – Oak Leaf


So today I took a walk in Lithia Park with the EOS M. While most of my snaps were of rushing water and rocks I ended up liking this decaying oak leaf the best. The dried brown of the color image didn’t do it for me though so I went with a black and white treatment and chose a heavy sepia tone to bring it back in the direction of the earthiness of the forest floor.

Day 35 – Teasel


Well, oops, I let a day go by without posting, without shooting, without processing. Forty lashes with a wet noodle to me. But I will make up for it by posting two for today. This one is from Tuesday’s camera walk. I set out to process it in black and white but I accidentally pushed the bi-color filter button next to the black and white conversion button in Nik Color Efex Pro and I loved the effect which put some color into an otherwise grey sky and some suggestion of field color below which was absent in the original capture. I also added some brightness to the main teasel head using the darken/lighten center filter. And, as I’ve said before, I’m into borders just now.

Day 33 – Sunflower Milky


This sunflower shot on a bright summer day was almost too harsh. I had planned to convert it to black and white but in scrolling through presets in Topaz Black and White Effects I came across one called Milk Memories which leaves a little color in and just gives it a faded look. Adding a border from the finishing touches options gives me an image I wouldn’t hesitate to print.