Day 100 – Grizzly Peak Spring

GrizzlyThus ends the 100 days of winter project. I’m looking forward to moving on to other projects. It looks a lot more like winter out there today with more snow on the mountains but I concluded long ago that spring was just winter and summer duking it out. Let the games begin. Next week looks more springlike again.

Day 78 – Pier

This image Pierwas shot at midday and the light was horrible. So I decided to run with it and grunge it up as much as possible. I used the vintage film effects in Nik Color Efex Pro and then took it into Topaz Texture Efects where believe it or not the Oceanside Glaze preset was perfect for the look I wanted. Then back to Nik for a funky border. I have to say I really like it!

Day 66 – Mount Shasta


I was in driving mode again yesterday but did take time to stop and snap a few shots of Mt. Shasta. I used Nik CEP detail extractor to help highlight the terrain. I also used Lightroom to selectively reduce the saturation or orange and yello to try and hide some smoke though if you look closely you can still see some in the lower right. I’m at that point in the project where I’m going damn it just post something but will try to keep a stiff upper lip for the final third of the project.

Day 28 – Sunset with Dog


This is one of those happy accidents. I was busily bracketing my exposures of the sunset when this dog came bounding into my viewfinder. Unfortunately the image with the dog was way overexposed in the sky and sun. But in going back through the images it occurred to me that I could blend the dog image with one that had a better exposure of the sky. For some reason I am into borders right now. It may look like I cut off the head of the shadow but actually the shadow sort of fades into the sand at that point.  On my list for consideration as image of the year. But the competition is fierce!

Day 21 – Umpqua River Lighthouse


I finally finished processing my pictures from the Oregon Coast trip today. I had to add a lot of detail to bring out some texture in the sky so it makes the lighthouse look like it needs paint but such is the nature of photographing at the Oregon Coast in winter. Believe it or not I also added a lot of bring out the red roof.

Day 15- Heceta Head Light


So, today it was all about post processing. It was cold outside and the light was incredibly flat. And I still have several days of processing to do on the Coast photos. I chose this one, not because it was my favorite of the day but because it needed the most post processing to get a worthy image out of it. The viewpoint where Heceta Head Lighthouse has been photographed about a billion times was closed for construction. From the parking lot below you could barely make out the lighthouse through the trees. I was with a group so I couldn’t climb up the path for a closer view. So I squinted through the trees and took a shot. It took a lot of vibration and saturation to bring out the red roof of the lighthouse so that you can actually tell there is a lighthouse there. But I kind of like the moody mysterious look of this. Not that I would enter it in any contests.

Day 10 – Coastal Sunset


So, today it rained again and I decided it made more sense to post something good that was newly processed rather than something mediocre that was newly shot. And the focus of my photographic effort for the day was processing images from my trip to the coast. That may also be the focus for the next few rainy days so that may just be what you see.

In any case I was able to bring a lot of color and depth out in this image using Nik color Efex Pro. Detail, brilliance, warmth and just a hint of brightening the center and darkening the edges. Overall a very pleasing image, I think.

Day 4 – Yaquina Head Light


Driving to the coast today I saw many beautiful sights but found few convenient places to pull over for a picture. And the rainbow coming out of Florence looked like I was driving straight into the pot of gold but no way I could stop in the middle of Hwy 101. Then I checked into my room and found this, yes distant, view of the Yaquina Head Light and knew I was saved. I have to say, though, it looks much better in the full resolution version.

I used the EOS M again with the new telephoto lens. Shot handheld at ISO 800 f8 at 1/160sec. In post processing I did noise reduction, sharpening, some exposure adjustment and saturation and added a warming filter. Oh, yes, there was some cropping involved and I edited out some distracting elements. Now, can I go to bed?