Day 88 – Door Handle

Door_handleOops, I missed a day. When that happens all you can do is add a day on to the end and move on. I almost forgot to do one today too. Guess I am getting to the end of my enthusiasm for the project. Still have a few more to process from the boneyard. Then I need to go out and shoot daffodils because they are at peak around here right now.

Day 49 – Oak Leaf


I know, I know, not another oak leaf. But what is a Macro Photographer to do in the depts of winter. At least I haven’t given in to bringing home a bouquet yet. And I did process several images yesterday but this was still my favorite. I have something else in mind for tomorrow, weather permitting.

Day 48 – Pine Cone


I’ve been working a day ahead so I have something ready to post each day. I must say that takes some of the stress. This is another one from the first outing of the EOS M3. Also processed in Topaz Texture effects. Today it is pouring rain again, maybe there will be a break later for a camera walk. But meanwhile I’m heading to the archives for new processing opportunities.

Day 46 – Raindrops


I’m really excited about this one because it is from the first outing of my new Canon EOS M3. If you have been following me for long you have heard all about my frustrations with the EOS M I bought 2 years ago. Though I invested in a Fujifilm XT-1 system it didn’t solve my problems because the lenses are too big and heavy. So with the EOS M3 many of my complaints have been addressed. I can change settings without going into the electronic menu system, I now have a telephoto lens. This image was shot with said lens and a closeup filter, hand held I might add. I bought the Electronic viewfinder attachment but I haven’t tried it out yet. The camera is a little sluggish in responding to movement but the raindrops weren’t going anywhere and I still have the 7D Mark II for action shots. But for serious photographs while walking around or traveling, I think the M3 may just be a winner!

Day 45 – Another Oak Leaf


Well, I can only say in my defense that Oak leaves are about the most interesting thing I have found to photograph lately. This is another one processed in Topaz Texture Effects. I like the way it made the grass blades stand out and added some color to what was mostly a brown image. I do wish I had not crowed the top of the leaf so close to the image frame but it was hand held so framing accidents happen.

Day 39 – Oak Leaves


I realized I haven’t been doing much indoor photography despite the uncooperative weather. Today being another sunny but too windy to have fun outside day I decided it was time to dip into my box of found treasures. Feathers, leaves, acorns I’ve been saving for a rainy, or windy, day. I shot this handheld with the EOS M on a neutral background which I then blurred out using a Gaussian blur filter. Then I added a texture also blurred and blended. I finally settled on multiply though I wasn’t totally happy with the colors. So I took it into Topaz restyle and ended up with something I’m pretty happy with.

Day 38 – Fountain Close Up


Here is one more black and white from the walk in the park. I fear this fountain’s days are numbered given the way to appears to be crumbling when viewed close up. I read an interesting article this morning that suggested we should be spending at least 10 minutes a day with our cameras to get sharp with the function of all the buttons and develop muscle memory for making adjustments. I know I often say I can do something but I can’t tell you how to do it. That’s muscle memory. Even after 30 years I can pick up a clarinet and start playing it even though in my head I can’t remember how to play it. Same idea. Years of practice develops muscle memory.

The idea behind the 100 days project is similar. Just do it. Every day. And not just the camera but the post processing skills as well. I have been spending time with black and white conversions lately. I may go to working with textures next. Building the skill, ingraining the knowledge. That is the point.