Day 89 – Cracked

CrackedI just spent all day reorganizing my office. Just when I was about to pack it in for the night I realized I had not done a image of the day. Good thing I still have boneyard material to process. I was going to do this one as a monochrome since it didn’t have much color to start with but decided to see if I could bring in some color using Topaz texture effects. Flat Neon filled the bill.

Day 88 – Door Handle

Door_handleOops, I missed a day. When that happens all you can do is add a day on to the end and move on. I almost forgot to do one today too. Guess I am getting to the end of my enthusiasm for the project. Still have a few more to process from the boneyard. Then I need to go out and shoot daffodils because they are at peak around here right now.

Day 85 – Mack

Mack2Who knew that the logo for a Mack truck was a bulldog?  Well now you do and so do I. This, of course is another one from the truck graveyard on Tuesday. I like the simplicity of this composition. I helped it along a little by editing out some lettering next to the dog.

Day 42 – Fence


Seems like I am on a decadence roll. I found this fence on a photo walk today. I’ve probably walked by it at least a hundred times but most of the year it was covered in brush and then I’ve only just started carrying a camera on my daily walks. I also just got a new software toy called Topaz Texture Effects so this is my first attempt to transform an image using that. So far so good.