Day 100 – Grizzly Peak Spring

GrizzlyThus ends the 100 days of winter project. I’m looking forward to moving on to other projects. It looks a lot more like winter out there today with more snow on the mountains but I concluded long ago that spring was just winter and summer duking it out. Let the games begin. Next week looks more springlike again.

Day 80 – Birdhouse

BirdhouseWell, I think I have milked the California trip images for about as long as I dare. The good news is signs of spring are starting to pop up in the form or crocuses, the weather looks pretty good next week and I still need to get back to the Klamath Basin before the eagles fly away.

This birdhouse I found at the gift shop at the Santa Barbara botanic garden. It took a little cropping, a lot of exposure adjustment and some texture treatment to get it to where I felt it was worthy of posting. Still on the fence about whether I would hang it on my wall.

Day 72 – Tree Abstract

I love explorTree_Abstract_TTEing that never never land where art meets photogaphy. And this image is a great example. It started with a tree that I shot at low ISO and slow shutter speed while deliberately moving the camera. That gave me the nice light streaks. Then I took it into Photoshop and increased the saturation. Then I took it into Topaz Texture Effects and just started looking for a look I liked. Then I drilled down and started messing with the textures and light leaks and finally came up with this image that I love. You can still see the tree in there somewhere and the texture I chose gives a hit of a forest. The light leak suggests sunbeams streaming through but I took the opacity down to make it subtle. I would definitely hang this one on my wall!

Day 42 – Fence


Seems like I am on a decadence roll. I found this fence on a photo walk today. I’ve probably walked by it at least a hundred times but most of the year it was covered in brush and then I’ve only just started carrying a camera on my daily walks. I also just got a new software toy called Topaz Texture Effects so this is my first attempt to transform an image using that. So far so good.

Day 41 – Collapse


While out looking for barns the other day I came across this house on the verge of collapse. The original photograph was rather dull and grey but I did a webinar today on painterly effects so I was inspired to try layering efect on effect with this one and I was pleased with how it added some color and life to the image.

Day 22 – After Sunset


Another Grey, flat rainy day and I’m becoming convinced I have to chose my winter battles and fill in with new processing. This one was shot in January on a rare sunny weekend. I had been photographing the sunset but after it was over the sky blossomed into an Alpenglow that truely outdid the sunset. Yes the colors are real. In processing it I felt a painterly treatment would work best so took it into Topaz Impression and through a lot of presets before landing on Watercolor V and going. Ah, yes, that’s it.

Day 12 – Umbrellas


It’s still raining so when I saw these two umbrellas nestling in the corner at my Mom’s house I knew they had to be photographed. I wasn’t too happy with the color contrasts with the wall so I did some magic in Topaz Restyle and Impression. But I also wanted a border so I started playing around with textures. I’m not entirely sure I love what I came up with but one of the goals of the project is to get inspired to try new techniques and get out of my rut so this has me thinking more about what I can do with textures and I will spend some of these dreary winter days working on that.