Day 78 – Pier

This image Pierwas shot at midday and the light was horrible. So I decided to run with it and grunge it up as much as possible. I used the vintage film effects in Nik Color Efex Pro and then took it into Topaz Texture Efects where believe it or not the Oceanside Glaze preset was perfect for the look I wanted. Then back to Nik for a funky border. I have to say I really like it!

Day 28 – Sunset with Dog


This is one of those happy accidents. I was busily bracketing my exposures of the sunset when this dog came bounding into my viewfinder. Unfortunately the image with the dog was way overexposed in the sky and sun. But in going back through the images it occurred to me that I could blend the dog image with one that had a better exposure of the sky. For some reason I am into borders right now. It may look like I cut off the head of the shadow but actually the shadow sort of fades into the sand at that point.  On my list for consideration as image of the year. But the competition is fierce!

Day 22 – After Sunset


Another Grey, flat rainy day and I’m becoming convinced I have to chose my winter battles and fill in with new processing. This one was shot in January on a rare sunny weekend. I had been photographing the sunset but after it was over the sky blossomed into an Alpenglow that truely outdid the sunset. Yes the colors are real. In processing it I felt a painterly treatment would work best so took it into Topaz Impression and through a lot of presets before landing on Watercolor V and going. Ah, yes, that’s it.