Day 71 – Coastal Sunset

Coastal_sunsetI see I didn’t post any of the sunset pictures in the Winter project folder. I like this one because it is so idyllic and could be anywhere palm trees go. I overdid the saturation a little on purpose to highlight the colors in the sky. And I added an edgy border just to keep you from getting too drawn into the ideal.

Day 28 – Sunset with Dog


This is one of those happy accidents. I was busily bracketing my exposures of the sunset when this dog came bounding into my viewfinder. Unfortunately the image with the dog was way overexposed in the sky and sun. But in going back through the images it occurred to me that I could blend the dog image with one that had a better exposure of the sky. For some reason I am into borders right now. It may look like I cut off the head of the shadow but actually the shadow sort of fades into the sand at that point.  On my list for consideration as image of the year. But the competition is fierce!