Day 84 – Deer

DeerI was processing some of the images from yesterday when I happened to accidently scroll over this one from Jan 22 in North Mountain Park. I wondered how it would look with a texture treatment in Topaz texture effects. I wonder is always a good starting point for creativity. I really liked the look of the Lavender Meadow preset and here it is.

Day 63 – Church Door

Door_InezI hit two more missions yesterday and I have to say this is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for when I visit them. This is a close up of the church door at Santa Inez Mission in Solvang, California. Quite a contrast between this and the Scandinavian theme of the town. Just a little detail and saturation in post processing.

Day 52 – Mallard


As I mentioned yesterday, I realized I was a day off in my counting, having skipped Christmas there should have been 30 days in December and 21 in January for 51, but I was only on day 50. Scrolling back I saw that I did two day 33’s and moved on so, while I could go back and change all the posts I see little point in that, just suffice to say I am now really on day 52 and do it right from now on.

Anyway, I came across this Mallard taking a nap in Lithia park yesterday. This was shot hand held with the new Canon EOS M3 and wow, am I impressed. The detail in the feathers is amazing (though you may not be able to see it at this size and resolution) and no question of sharpness. Shot at 1/60th of second, 400 ISO, f8 and be there. Guessing the image stabilization did its job here ’cause I don’t think I’m that steady handed.

Day 50 – Ashland Barn


It’s sad to see so many of the old barns around Ashland disappearing. If you walk around this one you will see that the roof on the shed to the left (chicken coop?) is collapsing. I tried several different treatments on this one but liked the simplicity of black and white (OK, brown and white) with a light vignette. The frame just ties it all together. I’m loving the freedom of processing the day before so I’m not rushing around trying to come up with something to post. I also just realized I posted day 33 twice so this is really day 51 but I wanted to celebrate being half way through the 100 days. So, I’ll skip day 51 and post day 52 tomorrow.